Other Publications

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“Words for Birds 2020: Poetics for Pandemics.” Anthology of avian-themed poetry for National Poetry Month. DIY publication, 2020. Available online in digital booklet format; print zine format available for $5.00.

“Lisazine: A Reverse Chronology.” Memorial zine for a friend. DIY publication, 2010. $5.00.

Creative Writing

“Maria Writes.” Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic (November 2021). https://liqproject.org/marisol-cortez/

“Loyalty Oath: Día de los Muertos, November 2020.” Gathering: A Women Who Submit Anthology. Edited by Tisha Marie Reichle-Aguilera. Jamii Publishing (November 2021).

“Black Sun.” Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry and Arts Magazine (February 2021).

“Joel Takes a Node Tour.” La Voz de Esperanza (February 2021). Pg. 13-14. https://esperanzacenter.org/la-voz-issues/february-2021-issue/

“On Interruptions, Returns, and the Ethics of Sharing Writing.” Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry and Arts Magazine (November 2020).

“Sludge Ponds, Sacred Dances.” In “Earth in Peril/Earth in Praise: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.” Special issue of Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry and Arts Magazine (February 2020).

“Sioux Falls, South Dakota.” In The Runaway Anthology. Madville Publishing, 2020.

“We Now Have Roaches, Spiders, Ants, Flies.” In Through Layered Limestone: A Texas Hill Country Anthology of Place. Edited by D. Ellis Phelps. Boerne: Friends of the Boerne Library, 2019.

“The Tooth.” Mutha Magazine, October 24, 2019. http://www.muthamagazine.com/2019/10/the-tooth/

“MMC (Missed Miscarriage).” About Place Journal, Vol. V, Issue I (May 2018). http://aboutplacejournal.org/issues/rewilding/grief-and-loss/marisol-cortez/

“Poetry is Ordinary.” La Voz de Esperanza (April 2018). Pg10.   http://esperanzacenter.org/la-voz-issues/april-2018/.

“Día de los Gatos.” Cagibi: A Literary Space, January 15, 2018. https://cagibilit.com/dia-de-los-gatos/

“Clear, Obscure,” “Name,” “Angels in American Studies,” “Kansaztlán,” and “A Double, A Sister.” Outsider Poetry, January 13, 2018. http://www.outsiderpoetry.com/2018/01/poetry-by-marisol-cortez.html

“Meditation on Creation 1: An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends, Never Sent,” “Meditation on Creation 2: At the Sprint Store,” and “Meditation on Creation 3: About a Grackle.” Metafore Magazine, Winter 2017. http://bit.ly/2EXRM4n

“Bulverde, TX.” Orion Magazine, August 29, 2017. https://orionmagazine.org/place/bulverde-texas/

“Chicharras, A/C.” In Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry and Arts Magazine. (August 2017).

“Red Bird.” In Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry and Arts Magazine. (February 2017).

“Águila.” In La Voz de Esperanza (Dec 2014/Jan 2015).

Scholarly Writing

“Ambivalent Anality: Revisiting the Queer Eco-Logic of the “Jackass Moment.” Forthcoming in Media + Environment, edited by Michelle Yates.

“From the Bedroom to the Bathroom: Stephen King’s Scatology and the Emergence of an Urban Environmental Gothic.” Fear and Nature: Ecohorror Studies in the Anthropocene, edited by Christy Tidwell and Carter Soles. Penn State University Press, 2021.

“The Praxis of Deceleration: Recovery as ‘Inner Work, Public Act.'” Academic Labor: Research and Artistry, Vol. 2, Article 7 (2018). Available at https://digitalcommons.humboldt.edu/alra/vol2/iss1/7/?fbclid=IwAR3uTMgievnIQybPPZE3433dGNQEUJlnN9bMQORHKlwzcDK2yFq1goFqf14

“No Nos Moverán: Embodying Buen Vivir in the Case of Mission Trails Mobile Home Community.” Community and the Material Basis of Citizenship: The Unfinished Story of American Democracy, edited by Rodolfo Rosales. New York: Routledge Press (2017). Chapter available on request.

With Vecinos de Mission Trails. “Visualizing Disappearance: A Case Study Analysis of the ‘Mission Trail of Tears.'” San Antonio, Texas: Vecinos de Mission Trails (May 2017). Available online at https://vecinosdemissiontrails.wordpress.com/research/

“Occupy Los Intersticios! Or, In Defense of Carbon-Free Unicorns.” Cultural Logic/Works and Days, Vol. 33 & 34 (September 2016). Available online at https://ojs.library.ubc.ca/index.php/clogic/article/view/190870/188453

Alkon, Alison Hope, Marisol Cortez, and Julie Sze. “What is in a Name? Language, Framing, and Environmental Justice Activism in California’s Central Valley.” Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability (August 2013). Abstract available here, full article available on request.

de la Torre, Adela, Jessica Nuñez de Ybarra, Marisol Cortez, and Emily Prieto. “Eligibility, Enrollment, Utilization: Barriers to Public Insurance Access in the Age of Welfare and Health Care Reform” and “Cultural Sensitivity or Cultural Innovation? A Review of Interventions to Improve Latino Immigrant Children in Public Insurance Programs.” In Immigration and the Border: Politics and Policy in the New Latino Century. Ed. David L. Leal and Jose E. Limón. South Bend: University of Notre Dame Press, 2012. Chapters can be read online on Google Books.

“Cities as if Women Mattered.” San Antonio, Texas: La Voz de Esperanza (February – August 2013). Full 5-part series available online at https://issuu.com/esperanzasanantonio/docs/citiesasifwomenmattered-mcortez 

Individual Installments also available online:

“Time Out of Mind: The Animation of Obsolescence in The Brave Little Toaster.” In Histories of the Dustheap: Waste, Material Cultures, and Social Justice, edited by Stephanie Foote and Elizabeth Mazzolini. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (2012). 227-251. Click below to download PDF:

“Brown Meets Green: The Political Fecology of PoopReport.com.” Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture Vol. 5 (Spring 2005). Available online at http://reconstruction.digitalodu.com/Issues/052/cortez.shtml

“Environmentalism without Guarantees: The Spectral and Scatological Politics of Displacement in Miyazaki Hayao’s Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi.” Green Letters Vol. 6 (Winter 2005). Click here for link to PDF: Cortez Pubs – Miyazaki

Newspapers and Magazines

With Greg Harman. “The Most Critical Fight Against Trump’s Border Wall That You’ve Never Heard Of.” Vice Magazine, March 12, 2020. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/g5xkqw/indigenous-resistance-camps-estok-gna-are-taking-on-trump-border-wall

“‘I Feel Desperate to Withdraw from All Social Interactions’: This is How I Experience Anxiety.” The Lily, February 14, 2019. https://www.thelily.com/i-feel-desperate-to-withdraw-from-all-social-interactions-this-is-how-i-experience-anxiety/

Leaving/Returning.” In La Voz de Esperanza (October 2011).

With María A. Berriozabal, Diana Lopez, Genevieve Rodriguez, and Graciela Sánchez. “We Want Environmental Justice Not (Just) Clean Technology.” San Antonio Current, July 13, 2011. Available at https://www.sacurrent.com/the-daily/archives/2011/07/13/we-want-environmental-justice-not-just-clean-technology

“How For-Profit Thinking Undermines Teachers.” San Antonio Current, September 8, 2010. Available at https://www.sacurrent.com/sanantonio/how-for-profit-thinking-undermines-teachers/Content?oid=2288956

With María A. Berriozabal. “Hacía Las Raices de los Rate Hikes: A Thrice Told Tale.” La Voz de Esperanza (April 2010). Available at http://thisbridgecalledcyberspace.net/FILES/2586.pdf