Deceleration LogoOne additional writing project is Deceleration, an online journal of environmental justice thought and practice I co-edit with environmental journalist/activist Greg Harman. It’s a space that serves as a receptacle for a lot of my activist energies and eco-theoretical impulses. Our goal with Deceleration has been to cultivate an institutional space outside of journalism and academia for community-based EJ news reporting and theory, inspired by intellectual and political movements around the world for degrowth, buen vivir, the right to the city, and the rights of nature/mother earth.

Read more about our vision and mission here.

For a deeper dive into the embodied theory/praxis that informs the site, see this essay, published in Academic Labor: Research and Artistry.

And here are some of the pieces I’ve done for the site in the last couple years:

Also know this: Deceleration is always looking for contributing writers and mediamakers, so if our interests and emphases resonate with your own, pitch us at

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