I am available as a research consultant for grassroots groups and non-profit organizations looking to use research and writing to support and strengthen their community work. I have 14 years of experience in both community and university settings with designing, implementing, and communicating the results of large- and small-scale research projects with direct relevance to community needs. Some of my previous projects include:
  • serving as principal investigator and lead author for a two-year-long case study analysis of the displacement of a mobile home community in San Antonio, based on 52 interviews with displaced residents (see final report here: https://vecinosdemissiontrails.wordpress.com/research/)
  • conducting data analysis and completing final write-up for a member survey conducted by the Austin Cooperative Business Association
  • conducting interviews, analyzing interview data, and writing up final results for an inventory of research needs among environmental justice activists in California’s Central Valley; and
  • assisting with focus group interviews, analyzing interview data, completing a literature review, and writing up final results for a federally-funded study of barriers to public insurance access among Latinxs.

I have experience with other professional writing services as well, including:

  • line-editing of academic or creative manuscripts
  • transcription (I type 90-100 words a minute!)
  • grantwriting

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